The 2023-2024 recruitment season will begin late August


UBC AeroDesign is a place where team members can take classroom knowledge and apply it to real-world problems. The team is entirely student-led — our junior members learn from the senior members, and our senior members gain valuable project management skills and experience using the engineering design process. UBC AeroDesign is open to all UBC undergraduate and graduate students of all disciplines and faculties. It is a great opportunity for first-year students to explore their interest in engineering and aviation, and for senior students to apply their knowledge.



Read our website, check out our social media, attend info sessions and events to learn about UBC AeroDesign and the technical/admin team opportunities.


Chat with leads and members at our virtual and in-person events or through our recruitment Discord server.


Complete the application form before September 7th 11:59pm. Note that offers are given out at a rolling basis, so apply ASAP to increase your odds


If your application seems promising, you will be offered an interview for each subteam you applied to.


If we deem you a fit for our team through both your application and interview, you will be emailed back an offer. Welcome to UBC AeroDesign!


I have more questions

Join our recruitment Discord server to get answers directly from our members and leads. Alternatively, attend our info sessions and events to chat with us in-person

Is Advanced Class more difficult than Micro Class?

The two classes “Micro Class” and “Advanced Class” are merely names and do not indicate that one class is more difficult than the other, and the classes are also not targeted towards different seniorities.

Does it matter if I apply sooner vs. later?

Offers are released on a rolling basis, meaning that the sooner you apply the higher chance you will get an offer.

Should first years apply?

Yes! Subteams often hope to recruit first years every recruiting season. We acknowledge that first years generally do not have as much technical prowess as upper years. 

Do I have to be an aircraft or aerospace enthustiast?

While a passion for aircraft and aerospace is not mandatory, it would certainly be advantageous. Our team comprises individuals who have become part of UBC AeroDesign because it resonates with their enthusiasm for aviation and aerospace. Conversely, some members have joined to develop and apply engineering skills and tools.

UBC AeroDesign engineers remotely-piloted aircrafts, autonomous drones, and AI-powered reconnaissance systems.