UBC AeroDesign is a place where team members can take classroom lessons and apply them in a practical manner. As the team is entirely student led, senior members provide mentorship to new members. Junior members have the opportunity to specialize in areas like airfoils, engine and control systems, fuselage, structures and landing gear. In turn, senior members gain valuable project management skills and experience using the engineering design process.
UBC AeroDesign is an engineering design team that is open to all UBC undergraduate and graduate students. It is a great opportunity for first year students to explore their interest in engineering and aviation, and for senior students to apply their knowledge. New members are strongly encouraged to join in September. Look for the UBC AeroDesign booth at UBC first week events like Imagine Day, Mech 2 BBQ and Biz Week.
Why Join?
  • Gain designing, prototyping, testing and building experience
  • Gain team work, communication, leadership and project management skills
  • Make new friends and industry connections
  • Co-op employers look for student design team experience
What will you learn?
  • Design Process and fundamental theories of flight (i.e. Ground School)
  • CAD experience with SolidWorks
  • Materials and construction knowledge 
  • Analytical simulation using programs like MATLAB and XFLR5
  • Electrical power systems knowledge
What do we look for?
  • Friendly attitude and a team work mentality
  • Interest in airplanes and aerospace related technologies
  • Long term commitment
  • Ability to work effectively, meet deadlines, and willingness to step up
Thank you for your interest in UBC AeroDesign. Unfortunately, the application is closed. Please come back next September.